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new technology making breast cancer detection more accurate and giving patients peace of mind. a two- time breast cancer survivor inter family turning her medical setbacks into an opportunity to help others. >> in tonight's medical watch taking radiologists eyes into deeper territory new technology boost two dimensional images into 3 d giving doctors a clearer view and patients more peace of mind. the traditional mammogram has been the gold standard because it's very good at detecting calcifications of the early stages of cancer. and can spot not jewels that a woman may not feel oneself exams, but still some patients pose a challenge to radiologists, and there is extra tissue a lesion could easily be hiding in there. like repairs this radiologist relies on conventional digital images which provide a simple projection at a single depth and now she is wearing in a new technology, three d sentencesdimensional tomo synthesis. in a single swoop on the arm of the machine captures not one but multiple pitcher's at varying depths next computer software stacks the images each in a 1 mm slice
% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >> that's what happens it ranks 8-10 in. in some places then you have 70 mi. per hour wind gusts. justziziziziziutstststststststool. us and its circulation will dominate the area but instead of looking east at sandy let's look west at what may be coming sandy is still not done with us so we will have a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow and a gusty northwest wind but there we are thursday morning and evening it's starting to separate a little bit the next blow comes in a sign that this system is diminishing look at a few reports of severe weather in the eastern u.s. there you see some reports of heavy winds in our area also the north carolina and eastern tennessee mountains those are the snowstorm and look how nice it was from the planes today 78 in oklahoma city but there is a cold air mass taking shape and tonight temperatures in single digits in british columbia we sit at 44 degrees here in chicago due points, 22 that's coming down into committee
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2